You’re 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and you have barely a speck of athletic ability.

Hey there. It’s me, Adam.
We’re kicking it ol’ skool here and doing a blog post. I know, right? 2017 called… amIright? Hey, I’m still a fan of the blog, though. It may not be as retro as the diary, and it doesn’t have the utility of the podcast. (In that you can’t really read a blog while you’re driving. Unless you’re me. I can. Go ahead and try it. Don’t worry about the other drivers. They’ll move.)
No, I’m still a fan of the blog because I always have and always will root for the underdog. They have such a big heart in such a small frame. Blogs are the Rudy of the online media. They deserve the slow clap.

It’s been a hell of a busy year with The Slamming Doors and Limbo and with more writing and fatherhood and dishes and what not, so I thought I’d offer a brief update and a progress report for anyone who wants to be in the know. For all the support since Limbo’s release THANK YOU! It’s been an amazing experience so far. I just did an episode of the Lake Superior Writers podcast that will be available soon, and then I think it’s time to switch gears and really start to focus on the new novel’s ETA.

I’ve been working hard on a second novel titled “Villa Leila.” I can’t wait to hear the mumbles on that one! And don’t worry, it isn’t about labradoodles or demon camels or couch-humping beasts of the bible. Don’t be ridiculous. This one is a love story…kinda. It’s sweet and romantic…kinda. Oh, and it does have a talking catfish named Xanny and there may or may not be an evil river monster, and also the ghost of Gray Dougal’s dog, Cheddar gets involved.

villa leila preview

I’m having so much fun writing it. Can’t wait to finish it up. I’m hoping to have it done by spring!

We are also in the middle of a new album with The Slamming Doors. We are still tossing around whether we should release it in small portions as E.P.’s or as one album when it’s all done. But these songs that we are yet to record and the ones that we have already recorded may be some of the best ones we’ve done.

I’ve been thinking of starting a patreon page to help with the funding for these things.

What are your thoughts if you’re familiar with that? I’d love some feedback.

As always be safe and take care of each other out there! Ya’ll are the mutt’s nuts.

And please don’t read blogs and drive.


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